about ARBE Productions


ARBE Productions is an international company established in 2013, which is now specialized in multimedia and film, creating high quality web solutions, videoclips, TV shows and cinema.

Our strategy has been based on its long-term experience in the entertainment video and web business, and reflects its ambition to be a strong and reliable independent European and worldwide company. Using our cultural experience, our scope is to have a good mix of European and Latin American identity

Arbe Productions brand values are being a reliable, well-established and financially strong company in Europe with a track record of creating and publishing top quality games for the core gamer as well as for the casual audience.

Over the last year, with no exception and no failure, we have been producing a TV Show (Hinchas Fútbol Club) for the Latin American market and in progess of producing 3 motion pictures.

The dynamic growth of the company is the result of constant bringing excellent quality products aimed, at the large group of audience. The company’s outstanding reputation gave us the position of the most efficient latin/swiss company capable of producing multiplatform games PAL/NTSC for all leading manufacturers’ consoles, both handheld and home consoles: Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and PC.

We bring together talented and motivated people, highly-skilled individuals representing all of the key disciplines of video and web development. They are committed people full of passion and with the motivation to deliver outstanding results for the market

our Team


Raphael Brugger

Managing Partner - CEO

Marcos Ramírez

Managing Partner - CEO